November 29, 2012

{ HOPE ...

HOPE ----- heals our broken dreams ;)

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I don't remember learning how to bake EVER! I remember waking up in the middle of the night to write recipes though.
Am a cake freak! I follow blogs books on cakes ... I stay glued to FOOD NETWORK... browse recipes...etc etc
I've NOT held a spatula nor a cake mixer nor fresh cream nor strawberries in a looooooooong time.
Along the way i lost my MOJO.. my EDGE... my PASSION... my REASON to dream about cakes! I didn't not want to bake any more. I lost HOPE.
My family would always ask me what to do with all the baking equipment that i had saved up so religiously to buy? --- honestly, i still wanted them around. The equipment represented my sign of HOPE.
HOPE that maybe someday, i'll get fired up again about baking.

So, my ANNOYING workmate has been on my neck non-stop about reviving my baking side-hustle.
Am not ready to get back out there. Am taking it One-Cake-at-a-time.
A Silver-lining has come my way in the most unexpected way. I have found a way of staying relevant in the baking world without BAKING CAKES (just yet)!!

I discovered a GAP in the cake market about one year ago. I did my research and killed the idea! I was NOT interested enough to ACT on it.. I thought other things were waaaay way more important.
Now the opportunity has KNOCKED on my door AGAIN!
Went back into my research archives, did a new market research...and believe it or not, one year down the line, NO ONE seems to have noticed this elusive GAP!
Am on it like a rash!! No looking back!

I have found HOPE...and OH, how i missed you!!

"I learned during this devastating season, when our hearts become grounds of broken dreams, we may need to turn to the hope others have found..."

Am counting the blessing of HOPE. 

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