February 11, 2019

L. O. V. E

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”  ― Lao Tzu


This year I choose to celebrate love...
The love unforgettable, love undeniable, love unconditional, the selfless love, love un-regrettable, tough love, the forever love.

I celebrate the love unconditional..
that enabled me to  run back to it whenever life hit me hard,
the love that put food on my table and a place called home,
the tough love that made me wan to break away.

I celebrate love unforgettable,
that kept me up with late-night phone calls and pink cheeks,
the love that brought family and friend together for special moments,
the love that held me together when everything seemed to fall apart,

I celebrate the love undeniable...
the  love that put fire in my eyes and passion in my heart,
the love that brought with it great ideas and renewed hope,
the love that died before its time,
the love that left me curled up in tears with great lessons.

I celebrate selfless love...
that love that enabled me to pour myself into another soul,
because that is what love does,
the love that enabled me to look myself in the mirror and accept who i am.

I celebrate forever love...
the ever constant, never changing love
that has been before the beginning of time..