August 3, 2015


“It's hard to reconcile this August with the other one. and to be honest I don't try very hard. I've seen flashes of this August before-This brightness, this conviviality, this generosity of spirit-but I know what he's capable of, and I won't forget it.  Sara GruenWater for Elephants

Unbelievably August is already here with us. Count down to my favorite time of year.
It's only 4 months to the close of the year. WOW! What a year! *in Jeff Koinange's voice*
So, today i sat down and did a mental audit of my year thus far. I asked self those tough questions.
I had my long expectation list at the start of the year that  i was going through last night.  i have managed to crossed out two of the twenty-six expectations listed for 2015. Not bad huh?! Yeah. So i need to make somethings work before the year ends. lol. 
Time is ticking away and so is opportunity :)

August of this year,
Creeping up on people ain't right,
I am looking forward to newness,
I am looking forward to completeness,
I am looking forward to better august weather,
I am looking forward to eating out more and having more fun activities,
I am looking forward to meet-ups and long august discussions,
I am looking forward to another pizza delivery in the park.
More laughter, More games, More captivating books. 
I am looking forward to that august rush.

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