December 21, 2012


I have always wanted a blue winter wonderland themed Christmas!! This too shall come to pass :)

 Thank.God.Its.Friday...and am officially on holiday!!  yaaay!
 So my friend Violet and i did an exercise five years ago... We wrote letters to our 'future selves' and exchanged. Five years have now lapsed and we get to post each other's letters in time for the new year!!
Am excited to read what i wrote back then... LOL!
We get to do the same this year! It acts as a personal accountability thing.
Am off for the holidays till the new year...YESSSSSSSSS!

. " Hi Ndanu Kiamba, i know you are reading this ... I hope you are well & Settled in your new surroundings. I can't begin to put in words how much i MISS you.. i'll try ::  LOADS n' LOADS n' LOADS!! *sigh*


  1. make sure you enjoy responsibly and no gaining weight during the short hols,actually i expect u to tell me on the 14th Jan hw u have really lost weight........hehe!

  2. I won't have to tell you anything... You will know when you see me ;)happy holidays!!

  3. happy holidays to you too dear... that letter writing sounds cool, let me compose my self to write to my well established future fashion designer self.