November 1, 2012


Random Facts About November::

November starts on the same day of the week as February in common years, and March every year. November ends on the same day of the week as August every year.

So...... October has come and gone! sigh, you were good :D For October highlights,

1. Office Break! --- oooh it was awesome taking a break from all the hustle and bustle of the office ;) Cant wait for the next break.
2. My beautiful niece grew out TWO TEETH!!! awwwww, so cute! Love you Jo'.
3. Nairobi Fashion Market :: that was awesome! i just remembered i never did a post on that, but here are the highlights ::

 soooooooo, i can't locate the pictures but when i do, i will share. ;)

4. I discovered Ricky Nanjero & Friends..
Kenyan Jazz ---i looooove them!! Their performance was incredible. Every set they played was breathtaking. I am  now an avid follower of their band performances. Made of Two guitarists (Ricky as lead) ONE saxophonist ONE keyboardist ;) laaawd have MERCY! Talent the END..!

5. My October quotes again came to life :) ooooh... maybe am psychic.

I looove November! Because it reminds me am closer to my favorite time of year... yesssssssss!!

I will be celebrating

:: The Beginning of the holiday season!!


I am looking forward to

 :: Dwele Live in concert ;) i will totally sing along like a GROUPIE!!

My Virtues This Month

  ::  Humor, Kindness and Friendliness

I still want

  ::  More of PERSONAL Victories

I am Creatively

  :: Changing my views on dating..  *wink*

My Quotes For the Month

Happy November ;)

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