December 13, 2012


I was listening to a song by Regina Spektor, and the lyrics went like this:

No one laughs At God… in a hospital
None laughs at God … in a War
Noone laughs at God..when  they are starving or freezing or so very poor
Noone laughs at God.. when the doctor calls after some routine tests
Noone’s laughing at God… When it’s gotten real late and their kids are not back from that party yet..
Noone laughs at God…When the airplane starts to uncontrollably shake
Noone's laughing at God… when they see the one they love hand in hand with someone else, and they hope that they are mistaken..
Noone’s laugh’s at God .. when the cops knock on their door and say we’ve got some bad news sir
Noone’s laughing at God…when there is a famine, fire or flood..
Noone laughs at God when they have lost all thy got and they don’t know what for
Noone laughs at God.. on the day they realize the last sight they’ll ever see is a pair of hateful eyes,
Noone’s laughing at God..when they are saying their goodbyes..

In the chorus she goes on to sing, But God is real funny... ... ... blah blah blah
this got me thinking of the many ways God is funny..or hilarious for that matter...

But God's real Funny When
.. You bump into the one person you've been thinking about and didn't know how or where to locate them.

God is real funny when
.. You sit next to stranger, who will become a lifetime friend.

God is real funny when
.. You're going through tough times, and the least expected person bails you out.etc/etc. I can think of thousands of scenarios....

To be honest this post has been sitting on my draft for a while now!! it was about time i published it.

So my niece turned 11 Months yesterday!! oooh, her 1st birthday is right around the corner :)
We can barely wait!! But first, we need to celebrate her 1st CHRISTMAS!! awwwwh, am excited!!
Am the celebratory type! I give gifts a lot!! I think its that warm-fuzzy feeling am addicted to... or it's just the 'gift' in me that just keeps on giving & giving .... or maybe it because am just the mushy-lovey type.... yuurgh! :P 

Am definitely looking forward to breaking for the holidays! Am really really low on energy these days .. i NEED that break!! sigh.


  1. i think you should get your own kid, time is running out gal!!!!hellooooo!!!!