December 7, 2012

{ First. Born.

I think of my business as my firstborn ...
I conceived the idea, carried it to term, birthed it and named it ,
Nurtured it and instilled in it values that represent me ...
So, as i prepare to invade an 'almost' neglected part of the market,
Releasing my child out into the scary world,
Hoping that the world will accept it and love it, Just like I have... 
is like a mother releasing her child, on the first day of play group or pre-school.. sigh :)
You can't help but want to hang around just in-case.. they'll need you? Or want something?
Its a huge emotional transition!!
I have invested all of my heart. my mind. my energy into this.
It would literally mince me into pieces if it turned out otherwise.... *kill the visual*
And just as a parent would want for their child to prosper and thrive through the good and tough times,
So do i want the very same for my business.
I am scared, anxious, excited...and a whole lot going on.
Am following my heart on this one, my mind will thank me later....


... happy graduation Alice Mercy. And everyone from the office graduating today :) You sure deserve to celebrate!!

Happy weekend!

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