December 26, 2012

{ 2012 UNwrapped!!

Its technically the last week of the year. 2012 has been good to me...
This has been an amazing year of self discovery..
I made peace with parts of me that I was say in denial about.
Walking away from negative situations has become easier for me now.

So my year started off on a "high octave note" with the birth of my oh-so-actively- aggressive-adorable-niece!! Am still awesomely awwwwhed by her...
Secondly, was my 'summer bunny' encounter...
it was amazing while it lasted. Though no fairytale ending :) :(
Goodtimes!! Goodtimes!!

I had to break a heart.
Am not usually the one to initiate breakups, but this had to be done for my own good and for the fear~factor challenge, I needed to face!

I became a lot more physically active this year! Yaaay me!!
Three marathons under my belt... not bad at all.!!
This is definitely one habit I want to carry through to the new year :) :) :)

On the work side of life, things settled down quite a bit.
I now know more than ever where am headed on the career front!
I have been blessed with CLARITY **I have seen the light and heard the angels voices chorus** lol!

The start of my masters degree will follow suite this coming year!!
I opened my mind and heart to new encounters this year and in the process met amazing individuals...some of who i wished I could clone for keeps :( *sigh*
I reconnected with old friends and it felt like we were never apart. Two Tragedies brought my friends and I together.
That marked the lowest moments of the year!!
I have vowed to take a proper vacay next year. Saving up from end of the month January!!
The launch of my business will also come to pass in the first quarter of 2013! So awesome!!

Am open to love and relationships in 2013. Yup! That ship's gotta dock soon :)

I normally don't put down New Year's resolutions.
So not my thing. But I do have a 5year contigency plan in the form of a letter written to my future self :)
2013... COME AS YOU ARE!!

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