January 28, 2013


Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent Victor Hugo

I am officially in a BAND!! yes, i said it, BAND!
It feels refreshing from my end. Back in my day, i was a member of an all girl's acapella group -- Devage.
I proudly wrote lyrics..so maybe it would be right,that i should add lyricist to my accomplishments as well.
The downside of it is that we NEVER got a chance to record any music. It broke my musical spirit to bits and pieces and i NEVER wanted to sing AGAIN! and, i NEVER sang again for years.
Years later, i have now managed to piece those pieces together, pretty much hoping that my voice is in tune with my musical self and we can both sound harmonious again
We are made up of seven uniquely gifted individuals, One bass, One drummer, One guitarist,One keyboardist, A lead, and Two BGVs (for Background Vocals --- apparently, Background singers is no longer the lingo used anymore.)
I am proudly one of the BGVs. Its always been my dream to sing backup.
I have looked for bands to stalk (advise i was given by one of my friends, who also moonlights as a very very successful Afro-fusion artist). i can NOW proudly say, my stalking days are long gone!!
Here's to  THE BAND...yaaay!


  1. Niiice... congrats hun, when are we drinking to that?

  2. Thanks hun'. As soon as we meetup!!