January 8, 2013


(excerpt) : " ... I really hope the future me is able to accomplish all what I couldn't do.
I hope the future me is brave enough to take more risks, recognize opportunity, bold enough to take control of things.
God knows you deserve a whole lot more than you're giving yourself. Lord knows you have sooo much to offer the world than your dishing out!
I am 24 years old desperate to SUCCEED!! I hope by now you are on the half way Mark to achieving that ...."

My five year letter to my future self came in today. Wow! I was so young and innocent in mind and spirit...
It didn't even feel like those words came from me?! I mean, whoever that was, she was spot on! I read that letter several times and just couldn't help but think was that really me???... and to answer that question, YES IT WAS!!
Am glad to say out of the things I wrote down to accomplish, I am definitely on the half way mark!! Yaay me!!

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