August 21, 2015


“Money doesn't talk, it swears.”  ― Bob DylanLyrics: 1962-2001

I couldn't agree more with the late Bob Dylan. Money answers, even the bible acknowledges that money answereth all thing - Ecclesiates 10:19.
In essence because money answers, money also hears. It has ears (lol)
I learnt in a financial class that money doesn't stay with people who have no respect for it, more so like in a relationship. You do not stay with an abuser?? So how do you expect money to stay with you when you are always abusing it?? sounds fair enough to me.

Dear Money,
I must confess i have in the past and present future abused, disrespected and used you.
But, it was my way of getting to know you better.
You see, ever since you decided to reduce our time spent together, life has never been the same!
Why do you have to be so sensitive?
I mean, i have grown up since the last time. You'll see..
Not seeing you as often as i would like made me realize i needed to make some changes in order to accomodate you more.
I love you. Yes, i said it!! You answer all things, who wouldn't?!
In every currency you come in euro, dollar, pound, shilling, naira, rand. You status changes not. lol.

Lets get together all the time. I mean it.. ALL THE TIME!
I want you around ALL THE TIME!


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