August 10, 2012

{ For FRIDAY & The WEEKend!

Yaaay for Friday and the weekend ;)))
So, I love sports! Always have. I am a sucka for the Olympics- it’s the world’s sports day!!
What has made the Olympics extra special for me this year---TEAM MOM! P&G have been filming athletes’ moms, to give us all a behind-the-scene-look at what it's really like to raise an Olympian.
To all mum's out there raising Athletes, Doctors, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Professors, Engineers, Artists,Chefs,  ... L.O.V.E!! In this life we'r all Olympians. competing in one event or the other.



Rudisha David  -- At only 23 with TWO world records under his belt!!

Swimmer:: Chad le Clos
-- Literally gave Michael Phelps a run for his money!

Gabrielle 'Gabby' Douglas  - 16 years old!! She's got the GOLD!!

Yohan Blake --- Usain Bolt WATCH OUT!!
[what's with the nails??? yuuuurrrgh!!]

Love him or hate him, he is Usain Bolt!!
---  For taking a hit at LEGENDARY Carl Lewis??? -- whoa!!

....& my personal favorite this Olympics :)


Mood ...
  :: Hopeful

This weekend ...
      :: I am hoping the fashion gates of Gikomba Market Open wide!! Shopping! shopping!

I'd Kill For ...
     :: Chocolate Ice-Cream from Osteria & the sounds of Lauryn Hill!! mmmmmmmh!

   :: Get started on my "Statement Of Purpose" Letter!! Grad School beckons peps ..  :)) :(

Enjoy The Weekend!


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