August 13, 2012

{ O.B.GYN !

Helloooo Monday  :) 

HIGHTLIGHTS:: I had a FUNtastic weekend! Introducing Mr. O.B.GYN
LOWLIGHTS:: I did not manage to swing through the fashionable gates of Gikomba Market ;(  oh well! There is always next time.
O.B.GYN was a random stranger who ran into me at a local bistro.

o.b.gyn:: Hello. my name is o.b.gyn. You are very beautiful. (W.African accent)
iftheshoefits:: Thanks *insert you are bugging me emoticon here*
o.b.gyn:: I don't know what has attracted me to you. I can't pin it.
iftheshoefits:: Laughs
o.b.gyn:: Join me at the bar?
Iftheshoefits:: Am here with friends. (pointing to our table) Not sure i can.
o.b.gyn:: I don't think they would really mind. I could ask?
Iftheshoefits:: Okay.. i'll join you (after much coaxing from a friend)
o.b.gyn:: Is this your first time here??
Iftheshoefits:: yes it is. you are regular here?
o.b.gyn:: No, its actually my second time.
:: What exactly do you do?
o.b.gyn:: Am a Gynaecologist.
Iftheshoefits:: Laughs. Really?? *insert i don't buy that sh*t emoticon here*
Iftheshoefits:: Where did you study?
o.b.gyn:: Here!..I mean Israel.
Iftheshoefits:: Eye Brow Raised.. *bull!*
o.b.gyn:: We should have a baby!
Iftheshoefits:: Laughs! *bull!* How many women fall for that line?
o.b.gyn:: Laughs! We should go to my car for a little while. I wanna show you something.

People! i mean, REALLY?????? REALLY?? I was surprised people still pull stuff like this. I mean this should feature on a HOW-NOT-TO-PICKUP-WOMEN section. Or Like my friend suggested, this has probably worked for him before. Some innocent by-stand actualy fell for this?!! SMH.
It was quite an interesting night to say the least.
Weekends are made of this!!
Enjoy your week...

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