July 31, 2015


“Your shoes aren't nearly as valuable as the experiences you've missed out on because you were too busy keeping them clean.”  ― Dallas Clayton

source: buzzfeed.com


1. Walk into that coveted shoe store.
2. Make your pick.
3. Pick a shoe that's a size or two too big for that perfect look.
4. Walk around the store to test the fit. 
5. Is it uncomfortable enough?? If yes, it's prefect.
5. Take your hard earned money, purchase those babies and take them home.

Dear Nairobi Women,
I understand that shoes are a girl's best friend. But just like friends we pick the ones that "fit" us well.
I have recently noticed a new trend alert: wearing shoes that do not fit. 
What is this women?!
Somebody pleeeeeeeeeease trying explain to me how a lady with her mind right would walk into a shoe store and purchase a shoe that is a size or two TOO BIG with your hard earned money, and even worse proceed to dress up to the nines and wear the sexy heels that fit like flip-flops?! 
Clearly, somebody missed the shoe size policy/law/regulations. Fashion Police ARREST these culprits.
Recently i was in the city running errands. I was walking beside a lovely lady in flip-flop heels. Her killer heels two sizes too big. Literally slowing her down just incase her heels fly off her feet.
I was pained.. very pained. I saw this as an opportunity to learn a little about this eyesore of a fashion trend. This is how my street interview went:

me: Hi. You look lovely.
she: Thank You.
me: I notice you are wearing shoes that do not fit. Isn't it uncomfortable?
she: Smiles. 
me: Your shoes are lovely though.
she: Thanks You.
me: that shoe is not good for your back and feet. You could get serious medical complications.
she: Smiles.

So clearly nothing came out of that conversation. I still cannot for the love of Jehova, wrap my head around this! I just can't cant. 
This got me interested in history. Who invented the shoe size measure??
The Brannock Device is a measuring instrument invented by Charles F. Brannock for measuring a person's shoe size. The son of a shoe industry entrepreneur, Brannock attended Syracuse UniversityNew York. Brannock spent two years developing a simple means of measuring the length, width, and arch length of the human foot. He eventually improved on the wooden RITZ Stick, the industry standard of the day, and patented his first prototype in 1926. The device has both left and right heel cups and is rotated through 180 degrees to measure the second foot. Brannock later formed the Brannock Device Company to manufacture and sell the product, and headed the company until 1992 when he died at age 89. Today, the Brannock Device is an international standard of the footwear industry, and theSmithsonian Institution houses samples of some of the first Brannock Devices. - Source Wikipedia.
 How did the actual shoe size come to be?
Roman shoemakers had discovered that the length of three barleycorns equaled one inch. So they used one kernel, or a third of an inch, as a measurement for shoe size.   In 1324, King Edward of England decreed that three barleycoms was indeed one inch.In the seventeenth century, children’s shoe sizes were deemed to be less than, and adult sizes more than, thirteen barleycorns.Size zero was a baby’s size, and the shoes went up in one-barleycorn increments to a children’s thirteen, after which adult’s sizes started again at one.That calculation is still used to determine shoe sizes to this day. - Source, superbeefy.com
Why would you let down such a great inventors? Why would you water down their inventions and walk around in shoes that do not fit? Shoe sizes are there for a reason. So are dress sizes and measuring spoons. Lets respect the science. I mean C'moooon!
Lets not lose sight of what's import - our comfort. No matter how cute that shoe looks if it does not fit, think about one barley corn and simply walk away.

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