July 17, 2015


“There's nothing more contagious than the laughter of young children; it doesn't even have to matter what they're laughing about.”  ― Criss JamiKillosophy
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I took a walk down memory lane yesterday. I logged on youtube to watch some of the old cartoons i loved as a kid. You know, TAZ-MANIA, GUMMI BEARS, CARE BEARS, EWOKS etc.
I could not for love of God connect with some of them, In all honesty i was looking for that feeling of excitement and expectancy i had as a kid. The endless laughter and the ease in forgiveness, That its-never-that-serious feeling about life's situations. Le sigh!

I remembered how saturday mornings were made of baked beans and scrammbled eggs,the television set lined up with our favorite toons back to back, my siblings by my side and perfect sunrays hitting the walls :) I mean, it was that simple!
That symbolized the begining of a perfect day. I wonder what happedned to all that simplicity. Now i fill my schedules with non-stop activities. I am always "busy" or "running errands". I never have baked beans and scrambled eggs, because it not my "cheat day", No Television lined up with my favorite shows because has become my phone has become my entertainment spot, My siblings and i are now in our own spaces enjoying our own companies most days..Am too busy to notice the beautiful sunrays hitting the walls. I find myself too wrapped up in my own affairs to be excited and expectant about most things these days. Its just tragic if you ask me!!  I mean what trully happens when we grow up?

So, i put myself on assingment, downloaded a couple of great cartoons from the 90s to share and watch with my niece on Saturday mornings. How about starting all over and even better yet learning how to  a child-like again from the world's cutest kid - my niece!


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