July 13, 2015


“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”  ― Steve Jobs
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 The road to success sometimes feels like a relationship you give it your all - time, prayers, creativity, heart, love, attention till there is nothing left of you to give.

My little brother who is not so little anymore vowed right from his school days he would NEVER be employed. Simply because he would not spend his life making someone else rich.
Growing up were taught to study hard and get into the best high schools, then study hard and get into the best universities, then study harder to get employed in the best companies. We were never taught to be independent and build a company that would employ the best brains in the industry.

So, it didn't come as a surprise that my parents protested my brother's choices. They sent his C.Vs everywhere, talked to who was who to get him jobs in some of the best companies. The rest of us were never as brave as he was or maybe we just believed that life's blueprint was made up of what we were taught to believe.

An incident happened in my country recently. The Authority in charge of the local ports adverstised for two job positions. They asked candidates to drop off their applications at their offices. Well, the management expected at most 20 applicants LO! and behold 3,000 applicants showed up!! WTH! yes. THREE THOUSAND PEOPLE all competing for TWO SLOTS!! This broke my heart to pieces. The situation was wanting. I thought to myself, who do we blame? Do we blame the system that taught us to be dependent on other people for our survival or do we blame ourselves for not thinking up solutions for our own problems?? Who do we blame for this kind of tragedy?!

I mean, 3,000 people translate into 1,000 companies employing another 3,000 people? How do we solve this catastrophe? We have a country of highly educated and talented individuals sitting at home waiting to hear from the hundreds of companies they sent their resumes to, hundreds of highly educated and talented people desperate to work for free just for a little work experience because they probably rushed on to get their masters degrees with NO work experience at all. le sigh! WHY? are we slaves to this system of thought. Lets break free. Lets think up solutions onstead being part of the problem.


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