November 11, 2013


whilst you love me, I cannot again fall into that miserable state which renders life a burden almost too heavy to be borne.
Michael Kelahan, The World's Greatest Love Letters


They told me that I was meant for the cleaner life,
That you would drag me through the mud,
They said that you would tread all over me,
That they could see right through you,
That you were full of hot air,
That I would always be chasing,
Always watching you disappear after sleeker models,
That it would be a vicious cycle.
But I know better,
I know about your rough edges,
And I have seen your perfect curves,
I will fit into whatever spaces you let me.
If loving you means getting dirty,
Bring on the grime!
I will leave this porcelain home behind.
I’m used to twice a day relationships,
But with you, I’ll take all the time.
And I know that we live in different worlds.
And we’re always really busy.
But in my dreams.
You spin around me so fast.
I always wake up dizzy.
So, maybe one day,
You’ll grow tired of the road,
And roll on back to me,
And when I blink my eyes into morning,
Your smile will be the only one I see.
If Loving you means getting dirty,
Bring on the grime.

Sarah Kay.

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