November 22, 2013


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.  ― Albert Einstein
I Digress a little .. TGIF! The smell of freshly cut grass permeates through the office windows.
I loooove the smell of freshly cut grass!! Makes me want to take off my shoes run outside and dive into that mound of freshly cut grass. Roll in it until the little girl in me is satisfied. *sigh*
Short Story II.

Finally it was here.
She had waited on this for too long.
Having worked as an intern for two long years, doing all sorts of intern duties including baby-sitting the reception, a task she was never comfortable with.
The time had come and the interviews had been scheduled.
"Thank You Lord!" was all she could manage from the bottom of her greatful heart. As words failed her.
She went on a reading spree. Gathering all relevant and necessary information about her roles and duties from the past two years, the company background and all information pertaining to her area of specialization.
Interviews are never easy. Especially considering this was her very first interview.
On the morning of the big day, She came dressed to occupy that vacancy. Leaving nothing to chance.
She came in an hour earlier. To settle down, do some last minute reading and go through her checklist to put her documents in order; which She remembered were tacked away safely in an envelope, in her office locker.
She confidently pulled open the locker and to her amazement, the envelope was empty. With less than an hour left before the interview.
She made frantic calls home, asking the help to turn the house upside down in order to find the missing documents. Nothing was found.
*inspired by true events*

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