December 20, 2013

Re-Blogged: 20 Lessons I’ve Learnt Through Pain

1. Love is a verb, and there is nothing better.
2. God is good, always. He will never stop pursuing you to make sure you know how much you are loved. If you believe people are always good (including yourself), you will be disappointed. Yet, while we all fall short of His goodness, we see the best people when we love like He has loved us.
3. Life is like the wind – it can change direction at any time, and is subject to forces beyond the eye can see. While we can plan our ways, it’s God who determines our path. Our own plans are futile unless they are in line with the wind, and they are the absolute best when they are. The best way to live is to let go, and trust.
4. Timing is everything. Much like the wind, it’s out of our control.
5. There is always hope. Make sure you know where your hope lies. Even in the darkest of times when all hope seems to be gone, the hope God provides is the one thing that will always remain.

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  1. TOO COOL, These should be part of school syllabus while growing up :)