May 25, 2017


“The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our separate ways, I to die, and you to live. Which of these two is better only God knows.” 
― Socrates

courtesy: Facebook

There is a lot of irony with birth and death and even greater irony when it all happens at once.
This week the hearts of Kenyans have been gripped by the emotional story of Dru.
This young lady went in for a CS delivery and after a 48-hour coma, she rested.
I know this story very well because I lost a dear friend Nana Cherop in similar circumstances 2 years ago. Same script but different lead.
With all the condolence messages flowing I imagined Dru was just like Nana. Loving, friendly, warm, hospitable, expectant, always excited, a mother to many, a caregiver like no other to those who knew her.

I was scrolling through posts and it caught my eye her husband's declarations of love and plans laid out. The realisation came to me that this was a true example of true love.
One post in particular just hit home.
I thought to myself, I want something just like this! No matter how short or long a legacy.
It had all the ingredients of true love: patience, peace, joy, friendship, kindness, mutual respect, hope for a great future, God, love, fun. purity etc

All these made me realise that what I was about to get into was not love?! It was lust disguised as love without mutual respect or purity or God or friendship or patience. It was tainted and definitely not worth building a legacy on.

Now I know...
that death comes in different ways,
like when you waste time looking for the right thing
in all the wrong places. OR
when you worry and allow shame and doubt to take the lead, OR
when you are wounded/hurt and won't admit it to yourself, OR
when you are trying hard to replace God with other things, OR
when you waste time dwelling on the past and on things you cannot change... OR
when you lose a dear one or an opportunity, OR
when that second chance eludes you, OR
when you are disappointed or heartbroken, OR
when you always see your world through other people's eyes

And you grieve for the part of you that is left,
Yet you are never quite the same again.
Let's live...


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