September 11, 2012

{ O.P.P. (Other Person's Property)???

About two or three months ago i lost my BEAUTIFUL polka dot tote umbrella!! i forgot it on a seat in a matatu on a rainy day
This umbrella was special to me.. it was a gift from my Mother dearest from one of her trips to the Americas. I had it for 3 polka dot years.. It would fit snugly in my bag, but when opened it would be large enough to cover three people!!
In the 3 years i'd had it, i NEVER came across one like it around... it was unique!!
I knew, that i would spot it one day.

Yesterday, i was in a was drizzling.. traffic was yuuurgh!!  
a woman walks past my window carrying MY polka dot tote umbrella!!!! spoiled on one side just like i remember it!!  OMG!!
*heart racing...eyes breathing!! -- MY UMBRELLA!!
I watched her...pace around holding MY umbrella.. debating with my not-sensible self  if i should get out of the car and get MY property?!
Is it still considered MY property?? ---  now that she found it, do i still have claim to it?
Is it now considered O.P.P?



  1. You should have asked the lady where she got it

  2. LOLEST.... you should have shouted... MWIZI...even if she can't return it... it would have made you feel better.
    RIP Polka Dot Umbrella.