September 10, 2012


I had a pretty decent weekend... No partying involved just a laid back affair.
I met up with my girlfriends!! Simply AMAZING women!! energetic.. inspiring... smart... and a bag 'o chips!!:)
We had a good laugh.. Caught up on our lives...checked in on each others' dream lists and got down to the accountability bit of it... Julie we MISSED you!!


I am very personal person and have always kept a low profile and a very small social circle ever since i could walk... Somewhere down the line, i have made a DECISION or CHOICE to change this.
I decided to share my life in order to get one!!
Moving from NO SHARE to MORE SHARE is not the simplest of transitions..
I most recently joined Couch Surfer.. If you don't know what this is, its a traveling community where you host traveler(s) from all over the world and you get hosted as well... the Kenyan community is quite active...and i intend to make the best of it.. *am hoping*
Am super CAREFUL not to get social-burnout --- because at some point, i tend to feel overwhelmed or suffocated or squeezed...
In order to create a healthy balance, I've come up with my own rules --

Rule#-1:: Get out of your comfort zone.
Rule#0:: Smile
Rule#1:: One Friend At A Time.
Rule#2:: NEVER walk away from an opportunity to meet someone new.
Rule#3:: TALK MORE...
Rule#4:: Do what 'Peps' wouldn't do.
Rule#5:: The worst anyone can say is NO. So, just do it!
Rule#6:: Know when to walk away.
Rule#7:: Have FUN!

I'll make up more rules as i go along:)

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