July 17, 2013


“Not knowing when the dawn will come
 I open every door.”

Emily Dickinson,
The Complete Poems

Source: Tumblr

On  personal front -- i must admit i have had BETTER days!! :-(
So, i step out of my element -- and i must admit i am having the BEST day ever!
Good News is spreading like wild FIRE :-)
Today i am counting the blessing of OPPORTUNITY!
I got texts from TWO special people today :-) *sigh* They have both Landed new and exciting opportunities. *here---here!!*

Awino Munga ...
You have truly been an inspiration to me! Everyday in very way you teach me what it means to follow your heart and stay true to yourself .. your element ...follow your passion, regardless of whoever ..whatever.. wherever..day..time..place..situation ..circumstance etc etc.
I celebrate you today and always. I rejoice with you in your new adventure.
May your cup always over flow with even greater opportunities.

Salama Karisa ...
I have known you since we were little girls and your sparkle has never died out, even in tough situations.
You teach me each day that delay is truly not denial.
You have taken a second chance and turned it around and you are now about to start a new exciting job in a new continent...in a new city. ;-) *EXCIIIITED*
Proud Moment indeed.
I wish you enough successes to write home about.. I wish you Blessings and Joy and Love beyond measure.

Today i lift my Coffee mug and celebrate my two darlings. 
I Love You Both!
A Celebration is not complete without Confetti!

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