September 18, 2012

{ For Friendships Vs. Words }

" I never ask for nothing I don't demand for myself | Honesty. Loyalty. Friends. then wealth | Death before dishonor and I tell you what else | I tighten my belt before I ask for help | foolish pride is what has held me together through the years | I just play the cards am dealt| I can't say I never knelt before God and asked for better cards at times to no avail |" (Justify My Thug_Jay Z)

iConfess #2

I value my my friendships!! I live by the 100% rule.. give your 100% and walkaway whole. Am not sure if that works for me or against me most of the times??? I am not confrontational...I don't do it on the spot cos I like to marinate over a situation to avoid overreacting. When I still can't wrap it around my head, I speak up.

 :. Did She Just Say That? .:

I walked away feeling very demeaned, disrespected and hurt. I was too shocked to say anything on the spot because my mind went completely blank. It was not what was said, but how it was said...gosh! Who am I kidding? It was everything. I pulled a 'Peps' and told myself it was NO BIG DEAL! so, I went on with things like nothing happened. But deep down,something did happen. I started to question everything...

I Questioned myself----
I Questioned my integrity as a friend ----
I Questioned my friend ---
I Questioned her perception of me. ----
I Questioned why she'd say that or even think that. I still couldn't wrap it around my head, so I spoke up.

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