September 20, 2012

{ POETIC THURSday --- }


 You My SELF
E. Curt

This is dedicated to my SELF,
And every other SELF
who never had anyone else,
so they had to learn to love their(them) SELFS,
Hell I often talk to my SELF,
Seems as if no one else
Can relate to me but my SELF,
At times I debate with my SELF
over Recession, and the dilemmas of Time,
Careful not to SELF incriminate my SELF
when in company of others cause they
May not understand me and my mind,
Some people say you shouldn’t
Talk to your SELF,
I just think they’re jealous because they
Don’t know their(them) SELFS,
So lost in the hype that they lost their(them) SELFS,
So used to the praise and abuse of others
They forget how to help their(them) SELFS,
I talk, sing, and even bring joy to my SELF,
I ain’t gone lie hell yeah I play with my SELF,
Your SELF is on the back of a milk cart missing
Because you teased your SELF,
Sitting there lonely teasing your SELF,
Risk disease and bad health with a stranger’s SELF
cause you too ashamed to please your SELF,
That’s what I called SELF fish soon to be SELF less,
So this is to my SELF educated, born to be great SELF nominated,
SELF medicated,
SELF sedated tired of being oppressed by others
Why wait to be free I can free my SELF,
SELF liberated, SELF proclaimed, hell with preaching to the choir SELF ordained, SELF sustained, SELF maintained
Some can’t deal with their(them) SELFS……..(pause) for the SELF slain,
I wrote this for you SELF my SELF you listened when there wasn’t anyone else,
So here’s to you SELF,
There may be several SELFS,
But there is only one you SELF,
so I will forever stay true to you my SELF.

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