September 4, 2012


1. I was born at 5 months old, at my grandmother's. Transported back home (nairobi), in a jug...with a lid on it wrapped in towels... *could that be reason why i'm sooo obsessed with personal space??..hmmm*

2. I knew my real birth date when i was 9 years old...technically i celebrated my first birthday at 10 years ... a decade later. (talk about being a late

3. My real real birth date is 04.04.84...for real this time.

4. I bruise easily ... Seriously! i brush against anything, and OUCH! another bruise. --- am glad that's got better over the years. hoooray to over-exposure.

5. (REF:  HEY KIDDO!...WHERE D'YOU GO??) ---When i was a little girl, i wanted more than anything to be a boy!! every night  for 2 weeks i prayed and asked God to make me a boy. As a testament of my faith, each morning i would run to the bathroom to confirm that God gave me,  you know... balls.

6.  I am 95% pessimist and 5% optimist. i survive on the 5%

7. Hi. My name is Peps, and i am a CONTROL FREAK!! Almost everything has to go my way.

8. I have gone through the 12 steps and beat my addiction to FRIES!! yaaay me :)

9. I failed my Nursing School Entrance Exam, because i couldn't differentiate between vertical and horizontal lines!! 

10. I am a former member of an all girl's music group called Devage.

11. I cry easily..Pain is not in the mind and NO, is not a CONSPIRACY!!

12. I am a 'SILENT CRIMINAL' --- i get away with a whole lot! Even when i confess to doing something wrong, no one believes me!! *this is the point where  go :: thanks for not believing me!!... :: aaand storm out*

13. I am afraid of .... letting go of CONTROL.

14. I have always HATED attention.. anything that would put me in the limelight, good or bad, i didn't want it! now i have graduated from HATE to DISLIKE... working my way to LIKE.

15. I used to bake AMAZING Cakes! --- Am sure i still have it in me!

16. I went through an art phase after high school... 

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