August 22, 2012


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When we grow up, I wonder what happens to the little kid inside with the vision as wide as the oceans… ? With no room for disappointment…? the little kid who fell all the time and still got up each time… ? Who believed NOTHING was impossible…? The kid who forgave everything and laughed all the time…?

When I was a kid about 6 years of age, I loved playing with my brothers, so much that I decided I was done being a girl, I now wanted more than ANYTHING to be a boy! So, I took some necessary measures.
I cut off my hair..
Changed my wardrobe..
Changed my walk --- (I remember being coached, boys don’t walk like this…boys walk like THIS! And there I was, observing every step. Rehearsing all day long, just to get it right.)
Changed my talk too – I had to sound tough!

That wasn’t enough for me, I needed something euphoric!
During one Sunday school service, we learnt that God had the power to do ANYTHING. Nothing was IMPOSSIBLE to the good Lord.
The little Kid in me took it a step further. I got on my knees and made one honest, heart filled prayer with promises engraved.

--- Dear God, Please make me a boy. I promise I’ll be good. I’ll do my homework and work hard at school. I’ll eat my vegetables. I’ll go to church every Sunday… and I promise I’ll do anything you want. In the name of the Lord I Prayed, Trusted and Believed. ----

Morning came, I got up really excited. Expectant of a miracle! I ran into the bathroom --stripped down, looking for the ultimate evidence of my boyhood transformation. *laughing so hard*
Well, I was disappointed to say the least! The Kid in me figured God was probably busy, so I’d try again that night. This went on for the next two weeks.
  When i realizing nothing was happening, I surrendered to my female fate with a broken heart and a battered spirit, broke down and WEPT!

My eldest sister found me shaking in between sobs. Filled with concern, she asked what was wrong, and I shared my devastating reality of how God refused to make me a boy. She laughed out so loud – right up until she realized just how serious this was for me?!
She gave me a special talk, the kid learnt that I was unique—there is only ONE me in the whole wide world.
I talked to God and told him I forgave him and we were still friends.. ran along to join my brothers in play ;-)

Now that am all grown up, what happened to taking all necessary measures to get what i wanted?... What happened to praying relentlessly with such childlike faith?... What happened to forgiving that easy and letting go so quickly?
As we grow older, does the little kid grow up too or do we just completely ignore the kid?

Hey kiddo, Where d'you go?

One day i was just thinking, what if God did answer that prayer? I went to bed a little girl...and woke-up a little boy?? What Would My Parents Have Gone through?? --- utter devastation if not a heart attack!

     AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! God was definitely looking at the bigger picture!!