August 23, 2012

{ POETIC THURSday --- }

 S.T.A.N.D. O.F.F
   by Peps

Deep hurts and words,
Gat' me baptized in wrath,
Emancipated in love-segregation,
Part of me mourns,
The rest of me that still holds on,
Meant to understand,
By choice you chose me?
But, by virtue I upheld you,
Way above what your soul could harbor,
In the naked sense of truth,
I was your Anchor!!
You lied because you loved me??
Cheated on a pure heart and despised me?..
Denied me reciprocated love and hurt me?
Put others before my worth,
Disrespected my honor without discern,
Denied me my right, so he couldn’t have me,
Emotionally disabled,
Psychologically enslaved..
I rise above pain,
Above heartache that cripples my soul,
Above the lie disguised as truth,
Above my enemies, that I so love to hate
I rise above the negative emotions,
That prevent true love from penetrating for my sake,
I rise above common words spoken,
Prejudices misplaced,
And Curse…{Exhale}

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