February 25, 2013


MORE than a friendship, LESS than a relationship!!
----- Anonymous

Books have been written !!
Movies Made!!
Songs Sang!!
Advise Dispensed!!


 At one *unhealthy* point in life, many have fallen victim to a Flirtationship... Me included!
TWO looong confusing years in a flirtationship, was EMOTIONAL SUICIDE!
It made me wanna kill this person over and over and over again. We could not define what is was, simply cos there was NEVER anything, but a roller-coaster of emotions.. that sucked the life out of me.
I took a sabbatical (from dating) just to put the pieces of what was left of me together.. and be whole again.
Much later, i fell into another Flirtationship! Only, this time i convinced myself this was MORE than a Friendship, ALMOST a Relationship.. *who knew almost didn't count??*
Once again, i jumped on another emotional roller-coaster! This time i was most DARING and took the front seat. I could see with such clarity, where i was headed and buckled up my seat, fearful and thrilled!!
The ride did not last this time around. I saw the true light of what i was doing to myself.. it was time to let the skeletons come out and call them by name.
The TRUE Lesson came when i made the decision to treat myself better FIRST, CHOSE healthier relationships, had STANDARDS, OWNED who i am, before i could be ANYTHING to anyone else...A loving-supportive-daughter-sister-friend-coworker etc etc.
The BIGGEST Lessons came when i made better CHOICES not ROCKET SCIENCE ...

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