March 6, 2013


It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”
Roy Disney

Monday Morning, Kenyans Hit the Polls...
I was at my polling station at 5.30AM..To my utter surprise the queue had reached the parking spots.
I was even MORE surprised to hear that some Kenyans were at the stations as early as 3.00AM!!
After standing in line for almost one hour, without knowing heads or tails where the queues were heading, we left to return much later when there was order.
I followed the proceedings on T.V. and social media through out the rest of the day.
Queues & Queues & Queues of Kenyans lining up to exercise their democratic right to VOTE. No one anticipated such a huge turn out... #Proudly Kenyan.
Kenyans were in-line for HOURS on end. Some Polling stations still had queues as late as Midnight.
Clearly, We are ready for Change.
International Media!! I do understand the need to sell News..But surely, CNN... What Gives?!! 
The Negative Publicity is getting out of hand. You do not have to "STAGE" a report in order to make the headlines?!! SMH.
As far as that report goes, FOUR people DO NOT make up a MILITIA!!? SMH!
Just becos, Kenyans went to war Five Years Ago, does not mean, it will be the order of the day in EVERY ELECTION?! Helloooo!!
Forty-Eight Hours after casting our votes, we wait with anticipated breath for the RESULTS.
I commend the IEBC, for holding things together even with the tight deadlines, limited resources and staff.
The mood is slightly tense ofcos, that's expected before the winner is declared.
In case of a run-Off, we will be back at the polls in a month's time ... the numbers will tell. Though, I do not anticipate any violence.

QUE SERA SERA (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) ...


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