May 23, 2013


Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea
Painting By Garibaldi : Source - Google Images


Just Because I Never Start The Conversation,
Doesn't Mean Am Not 'Dying' To Talk To You..

I am the ULTIMATE listener!! :) but not much of a talker, sadly.
I love to listen to peoples stories. It always has a way of awakening something deep inside of me.
My ultimate conversationalist AKA talker is None other than Maria 'Ticho'. *yes! Maria*
Witty..Funny..Never short of stories to tell.. She loves to talk, i love to listen.
We automatically gravitate towards that.
Coffee Date #2 with Maria yesterday evening was as breathtaking as it always is.
Story after story.. line after line.. and more conversation.
The downside about ultimate listeners, we remember way too much.
It's almost like our brains are storage buffers o' something like that. Sometimes i wish i could format my brain and just keep what is current. lol.
Amazing conversations always have me smiling to myself, even hours after.
I go through the interesting parts over and over in my mind, just to wrap the feeling around it.
It is my own little walk in conversational shoes. *sigh* :)))
What gets me most are the gestures..Maria gestures a lot!! probably this animated scenario is what makes conversations so lively and funny at the same time.
She tries to describe everything in detail with a gesture,lol!
There's definitely never a dull moment.
I am counting the blessing of CONVERSATION! Every ... interesting, funny, gestured, witty, intellectual,wild, personal, business-like, child-like, hearty conversations.

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