July 26, 2013


“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Mother Teresa

Its Friday Already?! Whatever is happening with time..dates..days and hours???
So this weekend is a a busy..busy..exciting one!

Am Celebrating
My friends baby's Second Birthday.
This is a milestone, considering everything this angel has been through, Medically speaking
Am also celebrating my first wedding cupcake wrapper order. :))) yaaay for me. Am very excited to work on this.
Looking Forward To
My "blind" date this evening!! :))  My friend set me up on a blind date. Her only tip was "dress to kill" i nailed the dressing bit.. So, yes! Looking forward to a surprising evening :)
Currently DROOOOLING over
Valentino rockstud t-strap black pumps ... as worn by KTR
Source: ktrstyle.com

Happy Weekend :)


  1. Wish you well on your blind date today.

  2. I'm glad the date went well, no doubt you were dressed to kill ... as always... see ya later... xx-
    mama taji