July 24, 2013


“There are two types of Pain in this world: Pain that hurts you, and Pain that changes you! ~ Unknown”

Today am not okay...
I do a great job at hiding it..
behind my cute smile..and strong spirit ... and that lousy " Am Fine" punchline.. ;)
The perfect soundtrack for this point would be...
Lately I, I've been heading for a breakdown
Every time I leave my house
Well, it feels just like a shake down
Lately I, every time I try to lie down
My mind just gets away
I can't even close my eyes now
Between the wood planks I've been pacing endless
Impossible dream that I've been chasing
Oh God why have you been
Hanging out in that old violin
While I've been waiting for you,
to pull me through ....
Painting by Frank Morris

Well..today am counting the blessing of That Point
That "below the belt" point where there is no place to go but only up from here.
That inconsolable point,
where all you want to do is just lay flat on the floor,and sob like a tiger!!
That point, where there is no faith..no hope..no light in the tunnel..
That point, where nooothing seems to be moving..and clearly you are not getting anywhere??!
That point..where you can't run or hide
You just have to face up like that crying tiger you are..
That point, where you finally find God and let go of control
Because you have discovered that without HIM you are NOTHING!
That point...that scarey point that gets you out of your own safety zone..and into the safety zone of another
That is no longer considered a safety zone, because you have no control over...
That point, filled with endless lessons..and endless victory speeches, That are tailored made for the moment when you will remember that point.
Well...there you have it folks..my point.
And after scribbling these few words, i feel alive again. :))))

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