September 10, 2013

The 20 Things You Shouldn’t Take For Granted In Your 20s

Elite Daily should re-brand themselves to Your 20's Guide. Another one of their AWESOME articles that should have come earlier in my life :))


        1. Talent Only Gets You Into The Race.

Growing up, I made the mistake of thinking that talent was enough to get you to the top. Talent is not something that one is either born with or without. Talent is a person’s ability to take in information and learn. A talented athlete is able to learn how to use his or her body more efficiently than others. They learn to function within a world governed by physics more rapidly then most. With this said, a person who isn’t considered “talented” could become just as skilled or as successful as those considered “talented” if he or she put in the work.....

2. You Don’t Put In The Hours, You Don’t Get The Payoff.

If you don’t do the work, then you won’t see results. Gen-Yers often feel entitled to…well, everything. We have big egos — it’s true. Having a huge ego can be very useful as long as you understand how far your ego alone will take you. No matter who you are or how intelligent you believe yourself to be, mastery of any subject takes time and effort; there’s no shortcut.

3. Eat Junk Now And Pay For It Later.

Metabolisms slow down with age. They also slow down when you eat crap every day. Your metabolism greatly influences your life’s longevity. The better shape your metabolism is in, the longer you will be able to survive. You can eat junk food all you want as long as you realize how many years of your life you are exchanging those Big Macs for.

4. Social Media Is Available To The Public.

Every time you or your friend put up a photo or comment about how you puked your brains out last time you got bottle service at the club or about how much blow you did that had you thinking that your “Heart is going to explode! OMG! LMFAO! #YOLO #CrackWhore” — others can see it. The stuff you put up is visible to anyone and everyone. For some reason, we think that only those that we believe should see it are able to see photos of us hitting that bong, but the truth is that your prospective employer also has access. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the future’s rap sheets.

5. Family Is Most Important.

Friends will come in and out of your life, but family is for life. If you were lucky enough to be born into a caring, loving family, then count your lucky stars and do what you can to make them feel appreciated. Not all of us have parents and siblings that treat us well and with respect. If you weren’t born into a good family, then your goal should be creating your own loving family in the future. Your family will get you through some of the most difficult times in your life; you are one another’s support group.


Enjoy the read ;)

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