April 30, 2014


 “Preparation doesn't assure victory, it assures confidence.”
Amit Kalantri
I have Watched Wendy's Chasing Dreams Video a dozen times. She takes us back to how her journey began. Behind a desk at  bank. Her love for fashion and fine things she kept it hidden on the inside. She went to the right places and mingled with the right people.
I am beyond inspired. I know for sure, how you begin is definitely not how you will end :))

I was a girl scout. Our motto was "Be Prepared."
As a scout i was taught to always be prepared for anything. Well, sorta like a superhero.
As i got older i lost preparedness in the midst of spontaneity! I got caught up in the care free-am ready for whatever-type of living. I put preparedness in a little pink suitcase upon a shelf.

I was unprepared when my first job came knocking, unprepared when the paychecks started coming in, unprepared with my schedule and time, unprepared when the relationships approached. I was a MESS really.

Below is an Excerpt from an article i read recently on the praying woman blog
Whatever it is that you are believing for, start preparing for it.
If your heart longs to start a business but you just do not see how you could ever have the finances for it, talk it out with God. 
After talking to Him, dig your ditch.
Go get a bank account that is specifically for your business.
If you are working in a dead-end job that seems to be getting you nowhere and it’s not where your heart is, start buying a wardrobe that will fit your new job.
Start wearing those new clothes to work and dressing for the position and the success you are preparing for. Do you have a ministry on your heart? Dig that ditch by spending all your extra time with God, studying the Bible and writing your findings in a journal.
God will not drop something big into your lap that you are not ready for.
After reading through the entire article i ask my self HARD questions.. I am i really ready for what i am praying for? Am i ready for those things am dreaming about? Am i prepared at all?
Hard realitycheck i tell you.
If opportunity came knocking.. would i fling that door wide open or would i hide and pretend i am not in?!
HARD truths i have had to face.
Somethings i have had to re-do. But i am glad i stumbled upon this read. It has completely changed my understanding of preparedness, and the responsibilities that come with getting what you want.

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