March 9, 2015


“I had a dream about you. You gained weight, but I didn’t mind because all the extra poundage went straight to your brain. You told me the meaning of life, but I was too skinny to comprehend.
” ― Jarod KintzI had a dream about you 2

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Happy New Month everyone.
Its a great year and am loving it thus far. 

I began a weight loss journey that has brought me to this point...
I realize my way of thinking has completely changed. I call it the Skinny State Of Mind :)
A skinny state of mind is basically when you think thin all the time.
I have realized am downsizing a lot.. i mean a lot!
From my eating choices.. to my spending choices..everything is downsizing. lol.

Instead of spending money, am investing. 
I invested in paying out my debts & chopping up my credit card into a salad.. a delicious low-calorie Salad called DEBT FREE. 

A treat would have been a gorgeous shoe or handbag..   now a treat is an LCD Digital Jump Rope or Dumbbells or worse, herbal tea collection! This skinny mentality is really getting to me.

I have invested in saying NO. This is my greatest investment this year!
The pressure not to disappoint is OFF! phew! \O/ it feels so goo-ood!!

I no longer crave sugars and candy... that's a miracle in itself! I was quite the sweet-tooth.
I am trading in Sodas for Smoothies.. the struggle is real!

My wallet has succumbed to the skinny mentality too. My spending has down-sized majorly :)
Several lbs later, am a happy camper!!

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  1. Hey love, no happiness can compare to this.... being debt free and learning to say no are the 2 greatest achievements ever...
    yay to investment... all the best in everything