April 24, 2015


“Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different.”― Stephen King
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It has most definitely been a while.
I get asked this question alot.

The Movie or The Book? What should i go for?

The debate rages on . Here's a list of popular Books Made Into Movies

I classify Movie-Books into 4 categories;

Category ONE.
Great movies that kicked the book's @$$!!
You loved the movie so much you threw out the book.
Said a silent prayer to the writer and hope they got a really great deal from the movie.

Category TWO.
Great books that were MASSACARED by the movie.
You wonder why the so-called production team had to cut out all the amazing parts from the book. almost made you curl up in tears. *was it about money? was the budget not enough?* 
As a consolation you re-read the book just to get bitter taste of the movie from your mouth! BLEH!
Some books and movies are like Apples and Apple Cider Vinegar if you ask me. So tragic!

Category THREE.
Then, there are those movies that did justice to the book. You could almost think the writer was the producer. THEY NAILED IT.
Those are the ones worthy of a place on both the coveted book and the movie shelf.
You do your happy dance and take down the names of the entire production team, just incase you ever write a book that needs to be made into a movie someday.

Category FOUR.
Finally, there are those movies that completely lost the plot of the book. Makes you wonder if THEY EVER READ THE BOOK AT ALL?!
What happened?! What happened?!

It's rainy season here in Nairobi. Yesterday the rain did one on me. I didn't get offended though because i looove rain. It was interesting getting soaked in the rain. hahaha.


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