July 24, 2012

{ HOW not TO BAKE!

 This is my very first attempt at blogging. Not sure how this works..rules et. al?? but, here i go---
:. This title was inspired by a SMF (If you're reading this, you're either Laughing-Out-Loud or you simply don't remember. lol) .:
 Rule #1: There are NO rules to baking
Rule #2:
Completely disregard the recipe  (You can always come up with something from   the top of your head)
Rule #3:
Measure?!--- (this is where hand-eye coordination comes in handy)
Rule #4:
Who says you need baking powder?!
Rule #5:
Have Fun!!

Lately, I have been learning how NOT to do things. Yes, that's right! see, i figured i have been doing a whole lot--but NOT really doing.
:. In my futile attempt to learning how NOT to do things (my way), i have:
Joined the gym...
Ran--nooo! walked two marathons...
climbed a mountain...
taken up dance lessons...
and re-discovered my love for all things feminine.
My ability to segregate expectation and reality has been stretched beyond reason. I must admit, am loving the stretch so far, well..maybe a tad bit too much!
:. Lessons Learnt are endless!
#how NOT to always have expectations sometimes let life surprise you#How NOT to be in control of every!single!thing!#how NOT to expect the same response from different people#how NOT to focus on the end result of what you have not started yet#how NOT to dance like everybody is watching#How not to sweat the small stuff#how not to.....#####

:. If The Shoe Fits, Buy it in every color! ..rainbow please :-)

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