August 28, 2012



From: Peps Oreta
Subject: Hello Change
Date: Aug 28 2012 12:33
To: Change

I’m not sure if I should hug you? … Kiss you? … or punch you in the face?
It’s never easy seeing you.. even at a prearranged date, time and place.
I must admit, you still make  me uneasy, nervous and jittery.
Could it be, because I associate you with every negative emotion possible?  Or maybe its because I have figured you out and I now presume that I know you so well! *smirk*
Sometimes you come off as decent, kind and loving but most times you are arrogant, rude and sneak up on me.. messing up my balance!!
Am not afraid of you, i just don't like having you around...
From: Change
Subject: RE: Hello Change
Date: Aug 28 2012 12:36
To: Peps Oreta

Do you think you'll ever be able to let go of your "control-freak" way of life? Yes. I make you an emotional wreck. Only because i challenge your comfort zone and/or your safety.
I don't think you consider change a bad thing in general. I think what you don't really like is 'to be' or 'to get' changed.
As humans, uncertainty makes you the most uncomfortable. It's natural. If things stay the same over time it's easier for you to settle in and operate on "auto pilot". Even from an evolutionary standpoint I wouldn't be surprised if your survival instinct influences you to lean toward the predictable?
If you don't have change, what do you have?
“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.”
Winston Churchill, 1874-1965

 Accept Me ... Love Me .. and i will steer you in the right direction. Pain not withstanding. I for-see what you can't perceive. Things will always work out in the end. Trust me!

Are you smirking at me Peps Oreta?



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