August 27, 2012


I remember my first grade (standard one) teacher – Mrs. Thiga.
she taught me how to be selfish the hard way. I was the really really generous kid who
shared out ALL my snacks and was left hungry during break.
My teacher devised an excellent way to teach me self-love. Every morning when I walked into class, she would take my snack box from me and hang on to it, until everyone else had had their snacks, finished and were settled.
She would then hand over my snack box with a stern warning to the class not to ask me for anything and an even stricter warning NOT to share out anything!

My fifth grade teacher – Mrs. Akinyi, taught me tough love! We would recite our mathematical table every morning from 1x1=1 to 12x12=144.
Any missed tabled equaled two strokes. We got beat!  But, she always made it up with the coolest class parties EVER!! ;) I learnt to love and hate her at the same time.

The Head_Teacher Mr. Agak a.k.a A.G. he was the most eloquent, swerve, dignified, disciplined, authoritative man I have ever met, after my father ofcos!
My high school teachers and college professors, would fill posts on this blog.
I have crazy R.E.S.P.E.C.T for the teaching fraternity. It takes dedication and passion to be able to do that every day – I believe teaching is a calling for the chosen few.
I dedicate this post to all teachers out there. I don’t know how ya’l do it, but I honor each and every one of you. Without you and those that came before you, we wouldn’t be here.

               teaching is the ONLY profession that teaches all other professions..

This is dedicated to you, all who's classes i have sat in and to all who came before you:

Mrs. Thiga 
Mrs. Ogolla 
Miss Muriranja 
Mrs. Mugo 
Ms. Akinyi 
Mrs. Okello
Ms. Nelly 
Ms. Achie’ng 
Mrs. Atogo 
Mr. Opande 
Mr. Allan 
Mr. King’ara 
Ms. Mbote
Mrs. Sishya
Teacher Christine 
Mr. Agak 
Mzee John 
Mr. Mburu 
Mr. Mwangi 
Mr. Hahanyu
Mrs. Icharia 
Ms. Therenja
Mr. Njuguna 
Mr. Thang’wa 
Mr. Ndirangu 
Prof.  Namuye 
Dr. Chege 
Mr. Theuri 
Dr. Macharia
Mr. Nakamura
Miss Nimura
Dr. Mikhail Gromov
Mr. Odendo
Miss Edna 
Miss Eunice 
Miss Lorna
Miss Judy

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