September 24, 2012

{ Happy Monday--- }

So, I was side tracked by my lovely friends from my mission to miss out on the rugby action cc: Maria, Pauline, Naomi, Shiru :)

VERDICT ::: Not so bad!! i underrated Nyayo Stadium as a venue! minus the concrete seating area, it was okay.

Well! there was a lot more fashion action happening on the side lines...

Oh Fashion Police, ARREST!
Committed the ultimate crimes against fashion and broken the penal dress code!

Decked official wear to a sporting event. Took out pencil skirts and heels to a casual sporting event. Over-dressed??

Taken the common shorts, worn them out and left them for dead! Lol..I have NEVER seen that many shorts&tights combo in one place in my LIFE!!
*props to those who managed to elegantly put the look together* ;)

          *Oh, oh, here we go, summer time is here! You know! The holiday, school is closed! on strike! We feel the vibes enuh, Summer time inna Portmore | Summer time inna Kingston | Summer time inna Country |Summer time inna my scheme *

Heads Wraps, Hair Ties and Cute Bowish headbands are definitely in Nairobi! They were everywhere!!
i liked!! ;)
[ i need to walk around with my camera! notetoself!! ]...

The one thing i trully LOVED about this 7s..the night games!! ooooh! i am super nocturnal!! i love the night!! love! looove! looooooove!

 On to serious stuff.

 ::  My amazing friend, just got an extra aah-mazing opportunity to do her PHD in this really aaah-mazing University.
I am sooooooo sad!
But very happy for her... proud of her...
She leaves this week. sigh!
I will most definitely MISS her!!
see you on Skype L.??
yours trully...  xx

I need a quote for this one.

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