September 28, 2012


Last Saturday Night, i was stuck in traffic for THREE HOURS!!
i was restless and no where near a matatu.. with a loud drunken lad, spewing all sorts of crazy from his drunken mind! i give him credit for he was funny!! very funny!

He kept asking all the passengers for cookies..that's where the irritation began.
He shared stories about his relationship with his mother ... which sounded very estranged if you  ask me. his wife... 
The  Oncoming traffic was in flow-motion, each time he got a chance, he peeked his head out the window, greeted the driver and asked for cookies.We found this hilarious and laughed each time!!

Well! i guess he had the last laugh! because he got lucky with one driver and got a box of cookies!
A look of surprise was registered on his face..honestly, i don't think he expected anyone to have cookies, let alone SHARE it out with him!! And next, he wanted Juice!!

Right there, i learnt a valuable lesson :: you NEVER know what you can get until you ask!!

This has been a BUSY BUSY week!!Thank God its over!


  :: MMMMMH.
I'd KILL For


This weekEND

  ::  AM starting my LEAVE!! yaaaaay! :)

 I Need To

  :: Consistently keep sh*t REAL!!

Think About

Enjoy Your weekend :)

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