October 25, 2012

{ HUGE SIGH ...}

So the last couple of days have been really reaaallly busy...

It feels like time and work stood still while i was away on leave ;( --- lately my desk has managed to turn FENG SHUI to SHUI FENG no longer do i consider it my-harmonious-get-away-from-home-that-pays !! ;(

I COnfess #4 :: That sometimes i get so wrapped in what am doing, that i literally neglect all other aspects of my life.

Through all the craziness, i have managed to stick to my resolution to read! read! and read some more! the 80/20 Principle has been a great how-to-do guide lately.

I decided to put together my EVERYTHING-I HAVE-ALWAYS-WANTED-TO-DO list  and start on it ASAP! am focusing on the things that i love to do... as i work towards other things in my life ;) My list will keep expanding as i go along :)

1. Drive a MANUAL Car!! --- woos! my justification has always been my eye-hand coordination just wont work with a manual, unless i have an emergency like say, i over-beat the ONLY tub of fresh whipping cream and my order is due for delivery in less than an hour--aaaand the person i sent for more cream brought me CHOCOLATE??! so, i take the car keys and say bite me!

2. Finally, enroll for the coveted advanced Cake Classes!! --- and STOP drooooooling over other people's master creations!

3. Finally register my Business Name!! --- Opening my publisher and admiring my logo and soon-to-be business cards will NOT get me there!!

4 Enroll for Spanish Classes --- the real thing peps! clearly distance learning has not been happening. More distance less learning!! por favor ;)

5. At least ANOTHER professional certification???---huh?? what say you???---yeah??

6. Take a GIANT leap of FAITH, literally ---- Faith, its just me and you ;) lets do this!

7. Develop a NO QUITTER  attitude.
 Plus I've VOWED to start saving up for a major holiday (long term in the near future )! am thinking the Islands..perhaps. we'll see



  1. So i hope to be in your company at the vacation site Love.... i am interested in unwinding. I work to hard for bills, i need to do something for 'ME'

    1. Agreed Shar. Am considering it something for me too. *Missing You*