October 3, 2012


My big brother had this really cool bike. Brand Name :: SpeedWell *back in the day* emphasis on back in the day! Because in this here generation, that bike would be in the museum :)
The most INTERESTING feature on this bike was the braking system. The braking system was on the pedals!! Yes! The pedals!! So this is how it worked... you simply push the pedals in backward motion and it would come to a stop.
I was graduating from a tricycle to a big bike. SpeedWell was my newest challenge.. ;)
Well! Being the fast learner that i am, it didn't really come as much of a challenge. Except when it came to mastering the braking system!!

One afternoon, when i had gotten the hang of this big bike thing like a pro.. It was my turn to ride around the block. I was coming to the pit stop of my ride.... zoooming full speed headed for the wall!!
All I could hear was.. peps! Brakes! Brakes! I couldnt remember how to brake! Wapi?! Wapi?! Translated Where ?! Where?! ***** Seconds later, BOOM!! I rammed into the wall infront of me!
I became the butt of jokes for a looong long time. Lol!
I dunno, how many times in life we think we have situations under control like pros, we are zooming full speed headed for a dead end! And we forget how to break! It could be work, family, a relationship, partyville....etc etc.


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