October 11, 2012


by peps

Intricate, skeptic ,cynic .. L o v e r
sadistic, twisted, freaky.. s o u l
cut from deep-brown cloth…
embodies you whole,
Easy to fall in-love,
hard to leave…walk away,
all pride aside,
I pour out my insides,
words I choose wisely,
ambiguity… your #1 priority,
beautiful, selfish, soul…
two sides of the same coin,
But how do I know he lies…
when he speaks truth?????

intricate, skeptic lover…
unearths my desires, truth be told,
he is like fire,
burning deep down my soul,
just like g.a.n.j.a,

intricate, cynic lover…
leaves no words unspoken,
doubtful of his desires,
leaves me shattered,
I can count the m a n y
ways you leave me, insecure, hurt,
angry, dejected…
taking away the center point of my
retrospect, my identity, my focus…
beautiful, selfish, soul,
how do I love thee so?!!

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