November 9, 2012

BELATED { Nairobi Fashion Market }

 I Know this post is so friggin' OUTDATED!!! yeah, by like .... a few months *blush*
I had alot going on then.. Anywhooo, this is what went down!

So, this was an interesting stand. With all things Reggae including Cannabis Scented Incense ;)
can i have all the weed-heads wave-your-hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don't-care!! For a moment there, felt like i was in Kingston,Jamaica.

 Introducing La Mar ... by my awesome friend Mariooooooooon!!
I will definitely do a proper introductory post later... more formal...more introductory-like ;)
She makes the most FABulous African-inspired jewellery!! She also does custom pieces as well..
Sneak peak...

... I totally REQUIRE a pair of these ;) ::

And the rest of it went down like this ::

And to address the pink elephunk in the room... YES! Shop, i did!!

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