April 16, 2013


“I stopped carrying my gun today. To be honest we didn’t really need them,” 

We carry guns all the time.. Our personal weapons of protection from the harsh-brutal world.
Sometimes we are so consumed by the negatives that we perceive all things and everyone as we perceive our very selves --ENEMIES.

We definitely are not The Cripz n' The Bloodz...No! We are the hurt ones, the scared ones, the inferior ones, the tribalists, the racists, the bigots.
We are our own worst enemies.. our biggest critics.. so we carry Guns and Grenades to protect that which we think we cannot live with-OUT ..??
Our guns come in all sizes.. 

- Self protective stance
- Automatic Reactions
- Rude Assumptions
- Escapism
- Bullying

Lets apply the gun laws to our own lives.
Enough with the anger and resentment...living in the past... misconstrued notions that its you against the world..
Everyone and Everything is out to get you...that every man is a cheat and every woman is a gold-digger...
Enough with the ''no one will ever love me " broken tune!!
Enough with regret and reliving past glories!! Yes! You bagged that huge contract..you were once skinny with a washboard mid-section and some abs...you once dated that hot shot..boohoo!! Yawn! It was years ago!! Keep on walking ... Just keep on walking ..

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