April 29, 2013


When chasing your dream it will be difficult to do so and stay socially connected. Sometimes You need to go missing! You need time to focus, plan and think when creating a new life for yourself. Trying to create a " new you " while trying to satisfy the " old you " by being in the same places with the same people doing the same actions will be a conflict of interest.
- A Grown Man's Thoughts

Source: tumblr
I feel like somebody just pressed the RESET button on my life. Just like Dominoes, everything is FAAAAAAAALLING-into-place slowly, but surely.
Those heavy dark feelings of being lost and out of purpose are now fading away. *Sigh*
I spent most of my weekend doing cake runs..from one end of the city to the other!!
At 4PM, i was back under the comfort of my Duvet to rest my bones, because on Sunday morning, I had another cake run, just before Sunday Service..
PASSION.. is what makes me wake early and retire late into the night, and do it over & over again.
Not forgetting i still have my job to take care of.
I know I've taken a heavy plunge into business and neglected you ... YES! you & you & you --
I cannot apologise for i am still here..
Even in the dead of silence, am still here...
Even when am missing you, am still here...
Even in the wake of a goodbye, am still here...
Even when i can't be there, am still here...
Because i need to be here, am still there ... there, that very place where you can always find me.
so, find me..Whenever you need me.
When am busy staying focused and creating a new me,
It may slip my mind that some days i need to be THERE and not HERE..
so, find me.
And when we cannot do the important things we used to do importantly together,
Because i have found this more important thing that i need to do importantly solo,
Remind me every so often.. that i need to make time for those important things that we used to do importantly together.

Yours truly.

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