May 27, 2013


Most people don't grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces, honor their credit cards, get married, have children, and call that maturity.
What that is, is aging.  ― Maya Angelou
Painting By Frank Morrison

Growing up sure is a journey!! – it really really is interesting compared to being a kid *like Duuuh!*
Being grown takes skill....making decisions and calling the shots.
We manage time, money, schedules, bills and even our emotions.. because that’s what grown-ups do.
Growing –up sure does CHANGE a lot!!
We change our dressing, hairs, jobs, friends, addresses, signature perfumes, favorite drink… Change.  Change.  Change.
We get OLDer...
We open our minds up in the name of exposure.
We start to question more and believe less.
We lose imagination and embrace reality.
We are so focused on 'important' things, that we forget the simple things.
We lose and find people and things including ourselves.
We burn bridges and rekindles lost relations..
We travel the world and we gain new families.
We have attitudes because of what life's situations have given us.
We pray less and worry more.
We play less because it is now considered child-like.

 ------- I have no clue where i was going with this post. But, whatever it was, i sure hope it makes much sense. :-)))

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