June 17, 2013


Monday is a great for becoming too busy to die.
Roy Station, Trust Me. 


It went extremely well!! I couldn't have found a better team to work with.
Youth + Energy + Vision + Vast Experience = JACKPOT! :)
They literally re-packaged and sold my own idea back to me..AWESOME!
I couldn't believe just how BIG their vision is *goosebumps* topped up with incredible passion for what they do, only made me realize how much harder i need to push to make things happen.

Thank you Lord for divine connections.

Lately I gravitate towards all things peachy. Be it shoes, clothing, nail polish, lipstick, craft paper.
Am honestly working on getting myself a peach car! yes, a car! *sigh* how about taking this obsession up a notch higher!
On latest obsessions..my ELECTRO PEACH colored lip balm by sleek. woooh! I am in LOOOVE.


I sat in his sitting room on Friday night there are a million places I could have been but right there sitting watching news sipping my wine I was at peace and wouldn't have been anywhere else but right there by his side!!" --- Ticho
 Awwwh, how cuuute! From my friend-in-love. I didn't know love taps into your artistic side--Woman?!
My meet up with the gals was as hilarious as it always is. L.O.V.E made it's way into the conversation.
So, for all my friends in-love...am happy for you! :)
Not sure if i could face-off with L.O.V.E. but we will see when i cross that bridge.
It's not that i hate love, contrary to popular belief, am a sucka for love. But, Love and I :: we are yet to come to that point of equilibrium.

Happy Week Everyone :)

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